Edited by Jane Rosemarin
Michel Grand’s Xmas Tree Behind a House. Folded and photographed by Julien Ehlinger. See PDF diagrams.

This model is one of seven on the Xmas tree theme that I created after being asked for permission to publish my WBB Xmas Card in The Fold in December 2022.

It's a very simple model, using only six folds.

Editor’s note: You may wonder about the word “Behind” in the model’s title. Michel notes that “behind” or “in front” depends on one’s point of view. He wrote in an email message, “I see the back side of the house, so the tree is behind the house. If you have a ‘Little House on the Prairie’, it is better to have the tree behind, so you have more light in the front.”

The tree cards created by Michel in December 2022. Folded and photographed by Julien Ehlinger. If you are a member of Origami USA, you can find diagrams for the model at the bottom of the photo here.