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A beautiful floral offering.
Rings, stars, polyhedra and action models in a well-designed new book.
Joseph Hwang’s third book focuses on the sea.
Try your hand at these two designs from "Marine Origami."
An origami version of a newly discovered solution to a longstanding geometric problem.
Happenings at last year’s Colombian convention.
A pretty brooch along with directions for cutting a regular pentagon.
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by Miyuki Kawamura
A house that makes a convenient gift box.
by David Ellison
The first design by a young folder.
by Kevin Wong
A high-school club promotes origami through a library display.
A cute and easy-to-fold little insect.
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A bunny to customize in your own style.
A geometric design that is enhanced by wetfolding.
Fold it from a small sheet and add a pin back for a quick little jewel.
Learn about a series of free online classes to get you started with tessellations.
by Yossi Nir
A nifty, portable container.
A pretty heart with a stand at the back.
by Caleb Witte
A noble fox in 27 steps.