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A cute little dragon for the new year. Surprisingly, It grew out of two older Santa designs.
A celebration wreath folded from eight squares.
Read about the winners of the 2023 award and take a glimpse at their work.
Two decorative designs that are satisfying to fold.
by Roman Gorelik and Lev Gorelik
Several elegant locks and the possibility of variations distinguish this delightful fish.
by Ushio Ikegami
This is the first-ever published guide to fractal folding. If you find Ushio, give him John’s message.
A star flower folded from a hexagon.
Eight simple modules lock together firmly to form this pretty wreath.
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A holiday card with a pun attached.
A card with an enigmatic title. Read the article to find the answer.
The designer’s first sea-creature.
This spooky ghost requires a certain amount of judgement folding.
A new brooch, along with directions for cutting a hexagon from a square.
This floral brooch grew out of another hexagonal brooch published in The Fold.
Many variations of a basic module are used to create forms with from six to 80 sides.
by Yuankai Zhang
A maple leaf for fall (or spring or summer) that starts with a bird base.
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A cartoonish elf with a cleanly finished front and back.
Easy to fold and a fun challenge to assemble.
Adding an extra head to the tradition crane with the help of TreeMaker software.