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If you like box pleating, crease patterns and cartoons, this model is for you.
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Brrr ... enjoy folding your own polar family.
Our critics say that color changes, cuteness and fun abound in this book.
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by Laura Rozenberg
The story of how two of the most important players in the “new” origami movement of the 20th century — Akira Yoshizawa and Gershon Legman — met for the first time. It is a sister article to one in The Paper.
A Santa that can stand on his own or be curved into a finger puppet.
A holiday cookie along with a printable PDF of the paper.
A simple Santa with many variations.
A star that highlights the squash fold, Anita’s favorite.
Design by Mark Bolitho, artwork by Paul Hanson
A simple, elegant tree designed by the late Mark Bolitho, with cartoon diagrams by Paul Hanson.
A star that folds flat but expands when removed from an envelope.