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This installment explores the many way to execute a blintz fold.
by Arsalan Wares
The author shows how a modular origami box with a square base can be made from four rectangular sheets plus a template. He also discusses some mathematics in the context of the constructed box.
By Donna Walcavage
A review of an outdoor origami sculpture exhibition in New York City’s garment district.
by Wayne Brown
Three ingenious — and spooky — models to fold.
A model from Meenakshi’s new book.
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A biodegradable painting on the U.N. lawn shows a dove and other origami models.
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by Matthias Yee
The adventures of a volunteer tech manager.
A printable crease pattern and photo diagrams for the top along with directions for making a masu box bottom to fit.
A book of clearly diagrammed, open modular spheres.
The Weimar Bowl would also make an attractive tea light holder.
Some stitching and a double blintz fold make a decorative sofa pillow.
by Arsalan Wares
A sturdy modular box and the mathematics behind it.
by Krystyna Burczyk and Wojtek Burczyk
Musings on art, kitsch, mathematics and the creative process. And lots of diagrams.
by Krystyna Burczyk and Wojtek Burczyk
The second part of an article about Krystyna Burczyk’s creative process with more diagrams to download.
A lovely, simple and functional design by Nick’s friend Doris Lauinger.
Each of the modules for this star requires just five folds.
A two-piece icosahedron that’s a gift box and an ornament.
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A one-on-one regatta in a simple origami model.
A ghost for summer folding that was designed on Valentine’s Day.