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Once again, a classic puzzle is origamized. Using building blocks from a trapezium there are many figures you must try to assemble, one of which is a four times larger Trapezium!
There are too few origami artists who decide to make their living out of folded paper. One of them is Mark Bolitho, whom I met in Saragossa as one of the BOS representatives in the first European Congress. This is a story of a man who took a bold step to follow his heart!
A lost shoe, a jar, a mysterious dog, an ugly cat, and the simplest Sudoku ever. Yes, it is a convention report. An Italian one. And yes, you've got to read it!
Modern life and technology modify our world, making it smaller. One of the communities that was born in a virtual environment is flickr, a photo sharing site. That is where I got to know Dáša Ševerová, one of the rising stars in the tessellation and stars field.
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This time it is a two-in-one combo! Making L shape units, you are challenged to either fit them in a flat box, or make a cube! So sharpen your fingernails as well as your wits!
Imagine a creator who dedicates his time and talent to only one subject, for example only roses. What could make an artist narrow the scope of his work so much? Naomiki Sato reveals some secrets to help you know him better and perhaps understand how his origami mind works.
With so many readers responding with surprising solutions, we had to collect and show them to you! Look inside only if you have tried to solve the Heart puzzle!
An unusual origami puzzle that is based on Kami, using the white side to challenge you - can you a make a white square from these four units?
The art work of Víctor Coeurjoly reminds me of that of Salvador Dali, no less. To get to know him better, read his answers in this short and sharp interview. You could also try your hands with one of his models!
After three Italian conventions, Ilan Garibi tries his hand with some Spanish folds, experiences siesta, views an unforgettable exhibition, and meets guests of honor from three different continents.
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Another chapter in the origami puzzles series. This time you have to fit four Zs and an H together to form a cube. But first you have to fold them!
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Another chapter in the origami puzzles series. This time you have to fit four Zs in a square box, but first you have to fold them!
Simplicity is a virtue, and this swan is simple indeed.
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Yet another rendering in paper of a wooden puzzle. Make four U-shaped units, and try to fit them into a box.
Learn how to fold the first in a series of many variations on a single star. This one has eight points, but you can achieve any number from 3 to 12 using this method.
Where else can you meet a bee keeper's family, a paper painter/banker, a robotics expert, a math professor, and a brilliant child (aged 14) named Stephano, all with the same passion except at the same hotel, in a small town in Italy...
Combining the way M. C. Escher used to signature his work of art and the Folds of Beauty, I present A to C from my complete rendition of A to Z font.
The Zipper Tessellation is a good starting point for many variations, such as the Zipper Ring and Vase, presented here with crease patterns and some diagrams.
by Francesco Mancini
Puzzles and Modular Origami have a lot in common. With both you get some units and must assemble them to get a 3D model. Here is an origami version for a classic Russian puzzle.
This 10 Unit Flower has two identical sides, and benefits greatly when folded from duo paper. It is based on a simple starting point for some other models, like the 8 Unit Ring.