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Just like her motto, "Modulars are symbolic for ‘connections’ (in all senses)," José connects to many people through origami with her beautiful modulars. Practicing origami for more then 40 years, she begins her story at a Fröbel school and brings it to the present with Facebook.
It is strange to find a younger, probably better, version of yourself. Michał is highly prolific in a rare genre of origami — tessellation. As always, this is a story about creation, revealed in nine questions that unveil the workings of this origami designer.
Elina Gor
During her mathematical studies, Elina Gor researched the changes in complexity of origami models from the 1980`s to the present, to see if we are doomed to face mega-complex models in the future or maybe we already have reached the peak of complexity.
While scrolling down on Facebook, an image of a feathered tsuru nestled on the palm of its creator froze my index finger, and I knew I had a new candidate for the ODS series. The best part of it – you will really get to know the guy, since his answers are long and insightful indeed!
In the first part we answered the When, Where, What and Who. This time we go deeper into the two biggest issues: the budget and the program.
Once again, the simple process of asking ten questions reveals the true identity of a designer, who in this case still is not sure if he is one. For me, the most interesting phase is just before you are brave enough to define yourself as an artist. Read more to see if you can notice this thin line.
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by Usman Rosyidhi
Diagrams for the Rose Quilt, by Usman Rosyidhi, from Indonesia.
Using a right angle triangle, Reza creates a simple and lovely dinosaur.
Once again, Reza Sarvi is recreating a historic site form ancient Persia, using paper only!
Ever wonder what should happen to ensure a successful convention? Here I will try to describe what we, in ORIGAMISRAEL, did, to organize a convention from scratch. It is the result of my experience from organizing four and participating in 15 conventions around the world.
by Usman Rosyidhi
Diagrams for the Sturoyya Star, by Usman Rosyidhi, from Indonesia.
Here is a creator who knows exactly what she loves to do. In an area that seems extremely narrow, Rebecca stretches its borders to the horizons, and creates many variations on a single theme – pots.
Daniel Chang's origami is totally free from any references, and the paper to him is more like clay than a surface to grid first. As always, ten questions to reveal the way Daniel creates his paper (and more) sculptures.
From ancient Persia, the Bull Capital is remade by folding.
A new generation of creators is emerging, and their origami is from the other side of the sun. It is fresh, alternative, unique, not easy to understand, but has many layers of inner beauty. Here are ten questions, nine answers, and a single model to expose you to the inner side of Kurth Alexander!
Just when I decided to attend the Ultimate Origami Convention, I received an invitation to be one of the Guests of Honor. From end to start, I present to you my report and a conclusion – is it indeed the ultimate origami convention?
I have never met Yara, but being part of the international online community, I realised she has become a unique and flexible creator. When I saw her last models, I knew it was time for a better, deeper connection. I asked nine questions, and hopefully, you will get to know her by reading her answers!
Enrique is special in the way he thinks, in his humor, in his creation. This interview introduces him and his work process, revealing more than usual, how he creates his cartoon-like, funny, lively models.
A convention report from the third OASIS convention in Israel, written by our guest of honor from Italy, Federico Scalambra.
Better known as Gachepapier, David, the origami designer sheds some light on his true self and his creation process. As always, 10 questions with eight answers, as one of the answers is just another question.