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An evaluation of Fujimoto's place in origami history on the eve of the 100th anniversary of his birth.
A beautiful use for the often-neglected heptagon.
What are the properties of the blintz when folded from the square and other shapes?
The two sides of Star Atarbus are equally attractive.
by Arsalan Wares
A deep, square box along with some math.
How to cut a nearly-perfect heptagon.
A cherry blossom with a built-in star.
by Daniel Otto-Manzano
Diagrams for a cute little reptile by a new creator.
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by Mahyar Hossein Khani
A color-change star from the bird base.
by Takeshi Tatsumi, Hanna Suzuki, Yuto Yashiro and Misaki Tatsumi
The journey of young origami enthusiasts to reach the pinnacle of an international science and technology event.
by Caleb Witte
An elegant folding sequence and many ways to customize.
by eddie cabbage and Mark Mittelman
An origami poem typed by a street artist on a vintage typewriter.
Easy-to-fold units and an intuitive assembly make this a frustration-free design.
by Govind Kulkarni, with text and diagrams by Hans Dybkjær
Two different folding sequences to arrive at almost the same box.
by Arsalan Wares
The Minimalist’s Box is surprisingly easy to fold.
A super-easy sailboat on the sea that can be a letterfold, a place card or just a decoration.
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A one-piece box designed as a wedding favor.
How to fold a mathematically exact pentagon from a square.
The blintz fold from the early 17th century to the present, and how it has opened up possibilities for more complex origami design. Originally published on March 31, 2021, the article was revised and expanded in April 2022.