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Another lovely variation on the heart and home theme, this time by Reza Sarvi from Iran.
Learn how to fold this standing house with heart by downloading diagrams or watching a video tutorial.
Learn how to fold this simple house with a heart by downloading diagrams.
Nothing is known about the construction of the Great Sphinx of Giza, but you can construct your own sphinx out of paper, thanks to Anita Barbour.
A cheerful rodent that seems to have been caught mid-jump.
This flipper alternates between a man and a fish in two color combinations. Sy provides us with a story, but you can invent your own.
by Jane Rosemarin
Here's a little-known traditional lily that starts from a bird base, along with a newly-designed, simple lily leaf.
A double-sided spiral diamond from one sheet of paper. Sy Chen based this design on his earlier two-tone diamond, which appears on the OrigamiUSA website. Links to both models are in the article.
An endearing wet-folded mouse with teeth for the Year of the Rat (or sometimes Mouse).
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by Francesco Mancini
Valentine’s day is coming, and if you like origami hearts and you’re also into modulars, you can follow the diagrams and fold a Two of Hearts modular.
A crease pattern and notes for folding a delightful heart with a color-change clover. Designed by Meenakshi Mukerji, it's a confluence of the works of Shuzo Fujimoto and Francis Ow. The clover can be extended into Fujimoto's Hydrangea as well as most designs that start with a four-sink base or crossed box pleat.
Why go to a CDO convention? It could be for the folding games.
by Laura Rozenberg. Translated from Spanish by James Buschman
A review of a book on the role of folding in mathematics, art and philosophy, and its struggle for recognition through the centuries.
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A harmful hazard warning sign that makes good use of the color change technique.
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by Sharon Turvey
A modular recycling symbol by Sharon Turvey that can easily be made from recycled paper or junk mail, but it's worth folding from any paper.
Learn how to fold this cute winter model by downloading the diagrams or watching a video tutorial.
Just like her motto, "Modulars are symbolic for ‘connections’ (in all senses)," José connects to many people through origami with her beautiful modulars. Practicing origami for more then 40 years, she begins her story at a Fröbel school and brings it to the present with Facebook.
The Swift Ring is easy to fold, and it works well as a decoration or as jewelry.
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A Fujimoto-inspired poinsettia with leaves looks great in red-green duo paper, but you could use green paper with a white back to fold a rare white poinsettia.
by Jane Rosemarin
These four stars from one basic design were created to pop in an envelope and mail.