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by Shriram Patki
A real bird whose mythological story goes back more than 1500 years.
An essay on the design possibilities of multiple blintzes.
by Patsy Wang-Iverson and Wendy Zeichner
A lovely e-book — free to download — of crowns and memories.
A “Hobbit”-worthy dragon to fold and a discourse on various blintzed bases and their usefulness.
by Linda Marlina Lookman
An orchid with a leaf to create an arrangement.
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by Wendy Zeichner
The late Linda Bogan’s favorite diagrams and recipes in an e-book for OrigamiUSA members.
A card that pops open to reveal a message of love and gratitude.
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by Mahyar Hosien Khani
A seven-unit modular ring with an interesting collapse.
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by Shriram Patki
A sitting dog based on an earlier elephant design by the creator.
Two models from India: a pastry for Holi (shown) and hands in a gesture of greeting.
For the box enthusiast: a new collection with decorative lids.
A gift box that pops open in the most delightful way.
An elegant model by a creator who began designing when she was home in the pandemic.
Did you know that the A ratio has two distinct definitions? Edward Holmes offers a cheerful explanation.
The blintz fold from the early 18th century to the present, and how it has opened up possibilities for more complex origami design.
A tetrahedral gift box with a secure closure and a loop for hanging.
A box that opens with a pull and springs closed ... along with a variation.
Another volume of complex figurative models from the press of Nicolas Terry.
Learn more about a designer of exquisite kusudamas, and try your hand at folding one.