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Search for Metal Origami, and Tine De Ruysser's name comes first. I was able to meet her at the 6th International Meeting on Origami Science, Mathematics and Education. She is a designer first, and only then an origamist. Her answers to my questions tell a unique story of creativity and beauty.
Browsing on Facebook, I did a double take. It was origami, but I could see immediately it was a different type of origami than I am used to seeing. It was original, creative, and most of all, unique. I am glad to present to you Portuguese architect and talented origami creator: João Charrua.
Francesco was our first Guest of Honor, and his present to us was a 6 unit Star of David, called after our organization - OASIS.
Only six years ago, this designer had no original model, although he was folding for 32 years. Then, something happened, and he crossed the line into creativity. The process he went through is unique, and the results surprised even himself. Let me present you - myself.
Bonn or Barcelona? This was the last battle on European grounds and for me it was Bonn. Here are some of my impressions from my first green tagged German origami convention.
OASIS is a new origami group, and its second convention was the first to include Francesco Mancini, well known for his puzzles on The Fold. This was the first convention for him as a guest of honor. Read his report to understand how a convention is done in the Israeli way.
The 2010 CDO convention was my first international convention. Coincidentally, it was just the same for Allesandra, a young enthusiastic folder. Read here what process she went thorough since than, to become a young, enthusiastic creator!
For those late night hours, when you want to keep on folding, but your mind is at a mental retention limit. I want to share my incomplete list of origami games for your paper enjoyment.
15 years ago, Cheng Chit just decided to become an origami designer; and so he did. With experience in naval architecture and engineering, he developed his unique techniques to use for his own origami creations. read on to get to know more design secrets from him!
The fifth chapter in my ongoing coverage of CDO conventions is a special one, as I was one of the special guests this time. This report is more on the personal note, from my preparations, to the flight back.
Here are diagrams for a ten unit star, titled with "74". Try your hand with this star, and read more to understand the name of this model, by Francesco Mancini.
Ekaterina Lukasheva loves origami because it is a puzzle for her to solve. She has many original models, most of which are kusudamas, her favorite. She will be the Guest of Honor at the December 2014 CDO convention.
Unlike her models, Anja is petite only on the outside. She tells us about her bold steps to become a professional origami artist, and her special ability to fold a 18 mm square into a rat. You can also read my attempt to fold miniatures under Anja's guidance, a unique experience I totally failed.
Japan is a must for every Origamist out there. With JOAS celebrating 20 conventions, Yamaguchi-san 70 birthdays, and I am soon to be 50, is there a better time to check off a Japanese convention from my wish list?
The sixth International Meeting of Origami in Science, Mathematics and Education was truly the best place to expand your fields of interest around origami, even into art, design and philosophy. Here is my own experience at that conference.
Francesco Mancini is easy to spot. Just look for the smile hovering above you, and the best looking modular that accompanies it. From Italy, Mancini is answering my questions to let you get to know him better.
This is my first convention as a guest of honor. With around 35 guests, placed in the heart of Krakow, the convention is like a family-gathering. The organizers, the Burczyks, focused the convention on the topic "Origami is Art."
This past April I spent 19 days in Japan. Is there any origamist who has never dreamed to visit Japan? Although this trip was not meant to be about origami, it is always part of your trip in the land of the rising sun!
Christiane Bettens, known in the virtual sphere as Mélisande, is a unique person and folder who prefers the less traveled path, exploring the field of tessellations, quilts, boxes, and geometric models.
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This time Francesco presents us with 3D puzzle. Can you make a pyramid out of those building blocks?