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Chaim Metzger of Teaneck, New Jersey (photographed at OrigamiUSA's 2002 Convention) embodies the excitement and spirit of the young people who are hooked on origami both as a hobby and as an art form. Young Chaim, and thousands like him around the world, are the future of OrigamiUSA. In this issue, we salute some of the notable young creators and folders with the announcement of the winners of Origami By Children 2003. Photo by Susan Dugan (SC).


  • Origami By Children 2003 Competition Results by Delrosa Marshall
  • Origami By Children 2003 Photo Gallery by Gary Sakamoto and Kay Eng


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      • Tanoshii (Fun) Origami Dollhouse by Makoto Yamaguchi; reviewed by Anne LaVin (NH)
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  • Koala (Phascolarctos Cinereus) by Robert Muro
  • Dollar Bill Shirt with Tie by Stefan Delecat
  • Dollar Bill Pants by Michael Brunelle