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Photo of Bobby and Pamela Hay, "juvenile instructors" for Kid's Session


  • Very Special Sessions Set For Fall
  • Milton Lederman Honored
  • Florence Temko's New Book, Etc.
  • An Origami Tree At Washington, D.C.'s Meridian House International
  • Four New Honorary Members Elected (Alice Gray, Peter Miller, Fred Rohm and Gwen Williams)
  • Origami Summer Special Held At Bergen County Wildlife Center
  • It's VCR Time: The Statue of Liberty, A Video Diagram by David Shall, produced by deg farrelly
  • Momotani Family Origami--An International Exhibition
  • Fred Rohm Donates His Collection To The Friends
  • Origami Goes High Tech (Friends obtain first computer, an AT&T PC 6300)
  • Library Collection Questionnaire
  • Convention '86 Photo Gallery
  • Kathy Weller Sends Greetings From Tokyo
  • Marc Overmars Visits From Holland
  • Folded Elegance (Trish Troy Truitt displays chiyogami cards at Convention)
  • (additional brief stories and letters from members)


  • Edgewise by Kathleen O'Regan (first appearance of Kathleen's cartoon series


  • Music Note by Paul Fecskovics, diagrams by Steve Vinik
  • Fanny's Bag, submitted by Ruth R. Davis, diagrams by Steve Vinik