32 pages


  • Unfolding Amate: History and Innovations of an Ancient Paper, by Cekouat Leon
  • The Fold and Heal Project, by Oluwatobi Sodimu
  • Origametria Wins Major Start Up Award, by Paul Jackson
  • Getting Started with 3D Origami, by Eashan Iyer
  • Finding Common Ground with Golden Venture

From the Home–Office

  • President's Letter
  • OrigamiUSA Convention 2023. Fold, Connect... Share!
  • 44th Annual OBC Collection
  • Oversize Folding, photos by Andrew Cribb
  • Scholarship Winners
  • Annual Awards
  • News from The Source
  • Special Sessions
  • PCOC Annual Convention Information


  • Circle Braid, by Miyuki Kawamura
  • Noelia, by Maximiliano Ortiz
  • Fairy Penguin, by Gareth Louis
  • Unicorn, by Paolo Sanchez
  • Golden Venture Diagram, by Eashan Iyer