32 pages


Two photos of paper airplane contest at Convention '90


  • Recipe for the 1990 Friends Convention by Paul Krueger
  • Jean-Jerome Casalonga (The Mad Corsican) by Paul Krueger
  • Photo Gallery: Convention '90
  • Interview with Tomoko Fuse by Wendy S. Zeichner, with translation assistance from Kyoko Kondo
  • Famous Paperfolders (listing Friedrich Froebel, Harry Houdini, Leonardo da Vinci, Lewis Carroll, and Miguel de Unamuno)
  • Edgewise by Kathleen O'Regan
  • Bent Out of Shape by Joanne Ortman, reprinted from Manifold
  • Dividing Into Thirds -- Overcorrection Method by Paul V oelker (illustrated)
  • Origami and Math by John Montroll
  • Diagramming: Part VI by Robert Lang
  • Book Reviews
    • World Origami Series (4 volumes) by Tomoko Fuse, reviewed by Wendy Zeichner
    • Paper People and Other Pointers by David Petty, reviewed by Wendy Zeichner
    • Origami: I Piccoli Animali de Alfredo Giunta d'acqua, di terra, d'aria, reviewed by Mark Kennedy
    • Origami Sealife, by John Montroll and Robert Lang, reviewed by Mark Kennedy
    • Origami Zoo by Robert Lang and Stephen Weiss, reviewed by Mark Kennedy
    • More'igami by Jeff Beynon, reviewed by Mark Kennedy
    • Origami: New Ideas for Paperfolding by Gay Merrill Gross, reviewed by Jan Polish
  • Mountains and Valleys by Jean-Paul Latil
  • Group Photo: Convention '90


  • News from the Home Office
    • Notice of Board Elections; Origami by Children 1990; Publications; Alice Gray resigns from the Board; Annual Meeting; Monthly Folding Meetings; Help Wanted; committees; and other stories or announcements
  • News from Members
    • News from or about: Brad Blumenthal on transmitting diagrams by computer; Adrian Blumenfeld: Jay Ansill; World's largest paper boat; Origami in Listen, a drug-prevention magazine for teens; Christopher Pierce: origami by a prison inmate; Origami in Japan and Okinawa by Michael Wrenn; Misha Litvinov; Shawn Troy Truitt; Origami Tree for children with AIDS
  • Regional News
    • List of Regional Groups and Meetings
    • News from: Westchester Origami Workers (WOW); Connecticut; and California (San Diego and Bay Area groups)
  • News from the Supply Center


  • F-14 by Michael Weinstein
  • Dancer's Hat by Laura Kruskal, diagrams by Mark Kennedy
  • Practical Purse by Gay Merrill Gross, reprinted from Origami: New Ideas for Paperfolding
  • Expanding Pouch by Didier Boursin, with added variations by Mark Kennedy, Aldo Putignano and David Shall, diagrams by Mark Kennedy
  • Heart Box by Keiko Uruga
  • Heart Cube Module by Francis Ow
  • 8-Piece Garland by Francis Ow