24 pages


Photo of Gay Merrill Gross teaching


  • Those Who Can, Teach! by Gay Merril Gross
  • Origami Teaching Tips by Jan Polish
  • Origami by Children (1988 Exhibition list of participants, their ages and models folded)
  • Mountains and Valleys (a new cartoon) by Jean-Paul Latil
  • Edgewise by Kathleen O'Regan
  • Bent Out of Shape by Joanne Ortman, reprinted from Manifold
  • Diagramming -- Part II by Robert Lang
  • Book Reviews by Mark Kennedy
    • Origami Maschere Animate by Franco Pavarin
    • Mouvement Francais des Plieurs de Papier (MFPP):
      • Pliages I: Initiation et Perfectionnement by Gilles Gautherin
      • Pliages II: Panorama International by MFPP
      • Pliages III: Avions et Bateaux by MFPP
    • The Complete Book of Origami by Robert Lang
  • Origami Match'ems by Douglas Shachnow (puzzle)


  • News from the Home Office
    • A Letter from our President by Alice Gray (including updates on "Models By Members," Friends' library shelves built by Jonathan Baxter and the Friends Lending Library)
    • Monthly Folding Meetings; Special Sessions; Folding Fund Fest; Help Wanted
  • Tips and Techniques
    • Computer Diagramming by Robert Lang
    • It's Definitely A Ten! by David Shall (rating the difficulty level of models)
    • Tips for storing and cutting origami paper (Jandy Warner, Sirley Johannesma and Ann Paulson)
  • News from Members
    • News from or about: Florence Temko, Martha Landy, Pamela Beth Heukerott, Peter Engel, Sister Anne Michael Petito, Milton Halpert, Michael Shall, Kyoko Kondo, Lee Ann Holt and Terrell Hayes.
  • News from Regional Groups
    • List of Regional Groups and Meetings
    • Reports from Illinois, Kentucky, MIchigan, Oregon, California and New Jersey
  • International News
    • Origami in Brazil, from Carlos Eduardo Quillin and Marcia Bloch
    • Letter from Akira Yoshizawa
  • News from the Supply Center


  • Hopping Bunny by Gay Merrill Gross
  • Box With Lid by Jean-Paul Latil, diagrams and text by Mark Kennedy, adapted from the author's originals
  • Tetrahedron by Don Sigal, diagrams and text by Mark Kennedy, adapted from the author's originals
  • Sperm Whale by John Montroll