32 pages


  • Creasing in Kazakhstan, Tessellating in Turkey by Carlos (Halle) Santamaría
  • How Can a Journal Help in the Practice of Paperfolding by Leyla Torres
  • Raumfalten: Space Folding – Origami in the Visual Arts by Assia Brill, Dave Brill and Patsy Wang-Iverson
  • Origami Joins the Palette of Art Therapies Reported by Cristina Belló
  • Owners of Origamist Pets Need to Practice Tolerance by Sue Guy
  • Life with a Master Paperfolder by Diane Lang
  • Origami: Mathematics in Creasing by Tom Hull
  • The Road to Creativity by Daniela Carboni

From the Home-Office

  • Letter from the President
  • Letter from the Chair
  • Mighty and Microscopic Life
  • Obituaries: Dorothy Kaplan (by Francine Kaplan), Cy Levine (by Lisa Levine), John V. Andrisan (by Michila Caldera and Arnold Tubis)
  • PCOC Rocks the Rockies
  • News from The Source
  • Calendar


  • Flora by Ekaterina Lukasheva
  • Bethlehem Star created by Ligia Montoya, diagrammed by Mick Guy
  • Santa Claus by Rob Snyder