32 pages


OrigamiUSA’s holiday tree at the American Museum of Natural History. This year’s theme was Fantastic Creatures: Mythic and Real. Photo: Rodderick Mickens, AMNH photographer.


  • An OrigamiUSA Holiday Tradition
    • Enter the Dragon!
    • Volunteers for OrigamiUSA Holiday Tree and Annual Gift
  • Origami Now! The Peabody Essex Museum by Elsa Chen (MA)
  • Why an Origami Holiday Tree? by Bess Detmold (MA)
  • Reports from PCOC/Vancouver 2007
    • Special, Unique, Successful, and Fun by Kay Eng (NY)
    • Pendulum Gallery, Vancouver, Canada by Nigel Pottle (Canada)
    • Folding and Fun with the Experts by Seth Friedman (NY)
  • Folding Australia 2 by Jonathan Baxter (New Zealand)
  • Colombian Origami Convention, Cali, Colombia by José Tomas Buitrago (Columbia)

In Memoriam: V’Ann Cornelius, 1942–2008

  • A Born Organizer by David Lister (United Kingdom)
  • A Tireless Booster by Florence Temko (CA)
  • Remembrances: Ken Fan (MA), Doug Philips (PA), Vanessa Gould (NY), Bernice Smith (NY), Robert Lang (CA), Karen Houston (CA)


  • From the Home-Office
    • From the Editor; What’s New; OrigamiUSA Convention 2008
  • Book Reviews by Ros Joyce (NY):
    • Animated Origami Faces by Joel Stern
    • Crear y Jugar con Papiroflexia Dinosaurios by Fernando Gilgado Gomez
  • Tips and Techniques by Gay Merrill Gross (NY)
  • New Books Added to the Lending Library by deg farrelly (AZ)
    • ORU Magazines by Deb Pun Discoe (HI)
  • News from The Source
  • 2008 Global Events Calendar


  • The Gryphon by Joel Stern (CA)
  • Two-Step Bird by Lily Silva (NY)
  • Sunglass Rest by V’Ann Cornelius
  • Butterly V’Ann by Michael G. LaFosse (MA)