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For three decades, our holiday tree decorated with folded ornaments has marked the beginning of the holiday at the American Museum of Natural History. This season's theme: the healing and rebirth of New York CIty after the tragic events of September 11, 2001. Four colorful garlands of over 3,000 flowers mixed with hundreds of animals, insects and dinosaurs adorn the 14-foot tree. Photo by Delrosa Marshall (NY).


  • Meet Cyril Tessier by Michael Naughton
  • Origami by Children 2002 Winners by June Sakamoto
  • 2002 OrigamiUSA Holiday Tree by June Sakamoto, Delrosa Marshall, and Kay Eng
  • Annual Gift 2002


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  • Rubber Ducky by Jeremy Shafer
  • Rat by Vicente Palacios
  • Bird Bookmark by Pasquale D'Auria