32 pages


  • Biography of an Origami Legend, by Marcio Noguchi
  • Meeting the Master, by June Sakamoto
  • Flasher Flashback, by Graham P. Collins
  • When you Follow your Dreams, by Jeremy Shafer
  • Origami to the Max, by Maxwell Jones
  • Brave New Worlds of Tesselations, by Alejo Wilkinson
  • Indonesia Spreads the Origami Love, by Linda Marlina
  • Letter from Italy, by Luca Congia
  • Unfolding the Mysteries of Chinese Folk Art, by Laura Rozenberg

From the Home Office

  • Letter from the President
  • Fabulous Folding at the OrigamiUSA Annual Convention! Photos by Andrew Cribb
  • Origami by Children Contest. Photos by Mary Gordon
  • OrigamiUSA Annual Awards
  • Oversize Folding
  • Paper Airplane Contest
  • Obituary: Jeff Beynon, by Nick Robinson
  • News from The Source
  • The Hamiltons on the Road!, by Jan Polish
  • Calendar

Books Reviews

  • Marvelously Mind-Blowing
  • An English Digest of the Tanteidan Magazine


  • Yin and Yang, by Daniela Carboni
  • Gift Box, by Xiaoxian Huang