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Emily, Brian and Daniel Kwan are a family of folders and 1999 Origami by Children winners. Perhaps teh caption should read: "The family that folds together - holds together." (Photo by Corinne McSpedon)


  • Origami by Children 1999
  • OBC Winners
  • Profile: Marc Kirschenbaum - 20 Years Later, An OBC Winner Looks Back
  • Oriland: In Search of the Lost Diagrams


  • From the Home-Office:
    • Call for Nominations
    • Japanese Intern/OUSA Committees/Folding Sessions
  • News from Members
    • Membership News
    • ORCA 1999 Report
    • Affiliate Group News
    • Folder's Profile
    • An Impossible Dream
    • Origami Sightings
    • Crossword Puzzle
  • International Group News
  • The Bulletin Board:
    • Book Reviews
      • Folding Money Fooling by Robert E. Neale
      • Fold-and-Fly Paper Airplanes by Franco Pavarin and Luciano Spaggier
      • Origami Flowers by James Minoru Sakoda
    • The Origami Source
    • Calendar of Events


  • Pencil by Marc Kirschenbaum
  • Lindberg's Spirit of St. Louis by Aaron Einbond