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  • Members Will Elect New Board of Directors by Robert Neale, President of the Board
  • Friends Brochure In The Works
  • Origami By Children Exhibition - Moving Right Along (five more exhibitions)
  • Origami Convention '83 - Soon
  • Origami In Education: Sixth Graders Fold 1,000 Cranes by Jason Tuchin
  • Photo of cranes hanging in classroom by Alan Kaplan
  • With Humility and Gratitude (Alice Gray thanks anonymous donor for her Friend For Life membership)
  • A Personal Tribute to Ritva Manninen by Lore Schirokauer
  • Active Folder in Northern California (Robert Lang's call to organize west coast folders)
  • Museum "Members' Origami Day" Great Fun
  • Origami Birds As Centerpieces
  • more brief items