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Photos: Fumiaki Kawahata at Niagara Falls; Robert Lang with Toshi Aoyagi and Makoto Yamaguchi at the Gallery Origami House in Japan.


  • Origami East Meets West: Fumiaki Kawahata's Trip to Canada
  • ...and Origami West Meets East... Robert Lang's Trip to Japan
  • Origami By Children collection listing
  • Book Reviews:
    • Moving Origami by Tomoko Fuse reviewd by Carolyn Cutler
    • Newest Kusudamas by Tomoko Fuse reviewed by Art Beaudry
    • One Piece Boxes by Tomoko Fuse reviewd by Art Beaudry
    • Origami Flower Arrangement by James Minoru Sakoda reviewed by Rachel Katz
    • Origami: The Art of Paperfolding and New Adventures in Paperfolding by Robert Harbin reviewed by Mark Kennedy
    • Origami Skeleton of Tyrranosaurus Rex by Issei Yoshino reviewed by Robert Lang


  • News from the Home-Office
    • Commitee update
    • Origami '93 moving to F.I.T.
    • Election News
    • Letter from our President, Michael Shall
    • Butterflies at the American Museum of Natural History
    • Planning for the Future
    • Library Computerization
    • Publications
  • News from Members
    • News from or about: Milton Halpert, Sara Goldhaber, Henner Kuckuck, Lisa H. Hirai, Doug Caine, Dan Blacklock, Norma Coblenz, Christopher Andreae
    • Edward Sullivan (obituary)
    • Fire in Toronto
    • Democratic Origami by Ruthanne Bessman
    • Bent Out Of Shape by Joanne Ortman, reprinted from Manifold
  • Regional News
    • News from Los Angeles, CA; Marin County, CA; Palos Verdes, CA; San Diego, CA; Santa Rosa, CA; Denver, CO; Dacatur, GA; Chicago, IL; Boston, MA; Monmouth County, NJ; Long Island, NY; Origan County, NY; Charlotte, NC; Cincinnati, OH; Pendleton, OR; Pittsburgh, PA; Niagara, Canada
    • Regional Group List
  • International News
    • A letter from Holland (Marieke de Hoop)
    • British Origami Society 25th Anniversary by Kathleen O'Regan and Michael Wrenn
    • They're Folding in France - MFPP 15th anniversary
    • Origami and Therapy Conference, 1993
    • Belgisch-Nederlandse Origami Societet 1992 Convention
    • News from Spain
  • From the Supply Center


  • Pureland Fish - M. Kirschenbaum (USA)
  • Butterfly Envelope - J. Krooshoop (The Netherlnds)
  • Hexadollar - E. Corrie (UK)
  • Pureland Platypus - M. Kirschenbaum (USA)