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Photo of a prior year Origami Holiday Tree at the American Museum of Natural History


  • Announcement of Holiday Exhibits and Classes
  • Karen Reeds' Origami at 1985 Play Day, New Providence, NJ
  • Ron Levy Announces Offer of Step Folds If you Are Stuck On a Model
  • Bonnie Murkoshi of Baldwin, MD Describes Use of Ornately Patterned Japanese Origami Paper
  • Origami Rubber Stamps by Bob Roos, with photo instructions and illustrations
  • Origami Picnic at Delaware Water Gap by Douglas Shacknow
  • Mingei International Museum in San Diego hosts "Paper" Exhibition and Accepts Donation of Florence Temko's Papercraft Library
  • A Plea For Commitment From the Friends" Board: Major Volunteer Recruitment to Staff The Home Office
  • Quest For Paper by Stephen Weiss
  • Peace Tree Dedication at Cathedral of St. John The Divine (Cranes folded by Lore Schirokauer)