6 pages, no photos


  • Report On Origami Convention '80 by Don Shall
  • Working Committee Meeting, 4/23/80, Minutes (regarding incorporation of The Friends) by Alice Blumberg
  • Convention Sunday Meeting Minutes (formation of Working Committee) by Gay Gross
  • Brief News Announcements
    • Formation of Convention Education Collection, contact Alice Gray
    • Start an Origami Club, contact David Shall
    • Formation of a Midwest Education Collection, contact Rae Cooker
    • "Origamian" double issue to be published in July
    • Call for volunteers to reorganize The Friends archive collections, contact Michael Shall
    • Moneyfolds Exhibition announced for Lexington, KY, contact Don Shall
  • Treasurer's Report
  • Convention Photo of Gloria Farison teaching at Convention '80 (no photo credit)