24 pages


Photo of an 1870 painting "The Merrymakers" by Carolus Duran, with a Pajarita


  • Everything Old is New Again
    • "The Merrymakers" painting, story by Don Shall
    • "Trouble-Wit" instructions from 1882, story by David Shall
  • Edgewise by Kathleen O'Regan
  • Bent Out of Shape by Joanne Ortman, reprinted from Manifold
  • Obituary: Verdi Adams
  • As I Recall by Alice Gray (early history of the Origami Center)
  • Origami Poetry by Bernice Smith, Diane Dickey, Kamlesh Gandhi, Father Jim Connolly, and Cynthia Coggan Barber
  • Diagramming: Part IV by Robert Lang
  • Crossword Puzzle by Eric Anderson


  • News from the Home Office
    • Notice of Board Elections; Monthly Folding Meetings; Board Update; A Letter from our President by Michael Shall
  • News from Members
    • My Story of Origami by Kathleen Hong, reprinted from the newsletter of Origami Society of Toronto
    • News from or about: Emma Lampariello; Milton Halpert; Robot that folds paper airplanes; deg farrelly; Marcia Mau; Dorothy Caplan; Siegried and Roy; Jerry Slocum
  • News from Regional Groups
    • List of Regional Groups and Meetings
    • Reports from: Massachusetts; Lillian Oppenheimer visits CHAOS meeting by Josua Koppel; Origami Paperfolders Of San Diego (OPOSD) by Mark Saliers; AASO report by Don Shall; Origami Society of Canada; New Jersey Annual Festival of Origami; Monmouth County Circle of Origami Paperfolders (CO-OP); LIFE
  • International News
    • An American in Paris...and Sheffield by Michael Shal
  • Tips and Techniques:
    • Origami: Dye-ing for Your Art by Mark Kennedy (techniques for dyeing paper)
  • News from the Supply Center


  • Hopping Frog, traditional, collected and diagrammed by Nick Robinson
  • The Wave by Matthew Green, with suggested variations
  • Dollar Bill Cat by Guiseppe Baggi, diagrams by Ros Joyce, dollar bill illustration by deg farrelly
  • Verdi's Vase, traditional Chinese model popularized by Verdi Adams, collected by Philip Shen and diagrammed by Mark Kennedy