32 pages


Cleaning out the archives brought good friends together. We found a treasure trove of photos, diagrams, books, papers and models. As we sorted through the archives at the home office, we reminisced about the past and shared fond memories. Photos by Wendy Zeichner and from OrigamiUSA archives.


  • Delving into the OrigamiUSA Archives by Robert J. Lang (CA), Guest Editor
    • Eductaion by Development by Friedrich Froebel
    • Sorting Through the Archives: A Photo Feature
    • Gallery of Notables: A Photo Feature
    • Fred Rohm's Star of David Moneyfold
    • Model Classics from teh Archives: A Photo Feature


  • From Our Members
    • Paper Cranes on the Island of Peace by Eugene Craig Campbell (South Korea)
    • News from Local Area Groups compiled by Lori Gregory (WA)
    • The Israeli Origami Convention Fosters Peace by Haggit Shalev (NY)
    • Promoting Peace: Insraeli Origami Center Receives Grant from Japanese Foreign Ministry by Miri Golan and Paul Jackson (Israel)
  • The Bulletin Board
    • Origami Sightings compiled by Janet Hamilton (NJ)
  • 2004 Global Events Calendar


  • Curious Cat by Alice Gray
  • Mug by David Shall
  • Shining Alice by Michael Shall, diagrammed by Atsushi Tajiri
  • The Rooster by Florence Temko, diagrammed by Marc Kirschenbaum
  • Veil-Tailed Goldfish by Sam Randlett
  • The Star of David Moneyfold by Fred Rohm, diagrammed by Tony Cheng