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Photos From Convention '86: George Jarschauer and Andrew Zwick


  • Convention Fever
  • Folding Big: The Statue of Liberty Project and Other Large Scale Folds by David Shall
  • Germany, France and Englan - Origami by Lore Schirokauer
  • Filming The Folding Money by Steve Vinik
  • Past Years' Convention Programs and T-shirts For Sale
  • Origami, L.D. and Me by Elaine Martin (An appreciation of Gloria Farison)
  • Convention '86 Photo Gallery
  • Martha Landy Recognized by Board of Directors Upon Leaving Associate Director Post
  • Meet George Mumford, A First-Rate Arkansas Folder
  • Great Paper Airplane Fly-Off in Brooklyn
  • Origami As Educational Therapy by Catherine Murnane, Melbourne, Australia
  • 1985 Origami By Children Exhibition by Liz Schneider (Participants names, ages and models folded)
  • Origami Brochure Published, design by Katie Kehrig


  • Cash Flow by Steve Vinik
  • Swan Moneyfold by Arnold Tubis, diagrams by Louise Cooper