32 pages

On Our Cover

Special Guests: Carmen Sprung (Germany) and Dave Brill (England)


  • From the OrigamiUSA Convention
    • Convention Memories by Kathy Wallace (NY)
    • My First Convention by Tiffany Wallace (NM)
    • Paper Airplane Contest by T.J. Norvell (AL)
    • Between the Folds Film Review by Mary Jane Manger (NY)
    • Minutes of the Annual Meeting by Samantha “Sam” Riviello (NY)
    • Financial Report
    • 2009 Awards by Rachel Katz (NY) and Ruthanne Bessman (WI)
    • Reality Implodes Creativity (Copyright Conference) by Ryda Rose (PA)
    • Origami as Art Therapy—Topic of a Two-Part Session at 2009 Convention by Lisa Bellan-Boyer (NY)
    • Oversize Folding Event at Convention
  • Origami Mitra by Gita Kantawala (India)
  • Profile - Jessie Seto by Alice Gray


  • Letter From the President
  • Our New Administrator—Samantha “Sam” Riviello
  • From the Editor
  • My Imminent Retirement by Phyliss Meth (NY)
  • In Memoriam:
    • Ethel Axelsen by Bernice Smith (NY)
    • Vernon Isaac by Paula Parris (NY)
    • Jessie Seto by Ros Joyce (NY)
  • Book Review by Bess Detmold (MA)
  • News From The Source

From Our Members

  • Crossword Puzzle by Michael Wrenn (NY)
  • Origami Club by Wendy Schlitz (OR)
  • Dutch Origami Convention by Mariette Kok (Netherlands)
  • Five Artists, Five Years of Origami, An Exhibition Celebrating Five Years of Origami Heaven, Stony Brook, Long Island, New York


  • Crease Pattern Corner, Crayfish by Sipho Mabona (Switzerland)
  • Stephanie’s Star by Carmen Sprung (Germany)
  • Crazy Jack by Andrew Hudson (CA)