32 pages


The changing covers of The Paper over time.


  • the "Endless Star" by Gay Merrill Gross
  • The Origami Holiday Tree
  • Volunteers for the 2008 Holiday Tree and Annual Gift
  • The 2008 Annual Gift Contributors
  • Celebrating 100 issues of The Paper by Toby Schwartz
  • Along My Paper Trails by Ted Bond
  • About New York, Meyer Berger's 1958 New York Times article about Lillian Oppenheimer


  • From the Home-Office
    • Letter from the President
    • The OrigamiUSA Website by Robert J. Lang
    • Book Review by Jean Baden-Gillette
    • News from The Source
    • Ordering Information from The Source
    • Membership Form
    • Global Events Calendar
  • From our Members
    • My Ten-year Anniversary as a Member of OrigamiUSA by Karen Houston
    • Folding in Public by Ray Takeuchi
    • My Piece of Paper by Hatsumi Yoshida
    • My First Visit to the Home-Office by Kathy Knapp
    • A Look Back at SEOF by Jonathan Baxter
    • Letter from Jerusalem by Rosaly Evnine
    • Orange County Origami Club Tree by Kay Eng
    • Twelfth Origami Convention: Cali, Colombia by Marcio Noguchi
    • An Afternoon with the Legendary Florence Temko by Meenakshi Mukerji


  • The Dart by Pascal Khadem
  • Ditrigonal Dodecadodecahedron by Daniel Kwan
  • PolyPost Regular Octagon by Chris K. Palmer