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Photo: David Brill.


  • David Brill Interview by Jan Polish
  • Origami and The Internet by Charles Knuffke
  • Wet-folding by Nick Robinson
  • Top Web Sites for Origami by Charles Knuffke
  • Origami By Design: Suggestions on how to score an origami competition
  • How Origami Changed My Life by Terry Rioux


  • From the Home-Office
    • Orgnanizational Commitees
    • A Message from the President by Jean Baden-Gillette
    • News from Members
    • Affiliate Group News: news or updates from Guaynabo, Puerto Rico; Origami Society of Toronto, Canada; Indy-Gami (IL); LIFE (Long Island Folding Enthusiasts, NY); Capital Folders (Washington, D.C.); FROG (Denver, CO); Friends of Origami of Oklahoma (OK); CHAOS (Chicago, IL); Origami Club of Pittsburgh (PA); Friends of Folding of Edmonton (Canada); West Coast Origami Guild (CA); WOW (Westchester Origami Workers, NY); OCEAN (Long Beach); Arizona Origami Society; POPS (Portland Oregon Paper Shapers, OR); Southeastern Origami Festival (NC); FOL-D (Denver, CO); Burlington Origami Group (VT); Boone County Origami Society (MO).
    • Membership News: news or updates from: Mark Kennedy; Sarah Belanger; Origami-l postings from Mark Morden; Pam Gotcher; Jennifer Campbell; John Smith; David Zimmerman
    • Affiliate Group Listing
    • Folder's Profile: Larry Davis by Gay Merrill Gross and Rachel Katz
  • International Group News: news from Russia and Columbia
    • International Group Listings
  • The Bulletin Board:
    • Book Exchange
    • Books! Books! Books!
      • Origami Alpine Flowers by Yoshihide Momotani, reviewed by June Sakamoto
      • Math in Motion: Origami for the Classroom by Barbara Pearl, reviewed by Maria Velazquez
      • Papiroflexia by Luis Bas Arrecha and Felipe Moreno Salinas, reviewed by Bob Voelker
      • An Introduction to Moneyfolding by Paul H. Krueger, reviewed by Mark Kennedy
      • Origami Quilts by Tomoko Fuse, reviewed by Jan Polish
      • Origami Amusement Park by Yoshihide Momotani, reviewed by Mark Kennedy
    • Origami Calendar Calendar of Events 1997
    • The Origami Source
    • Nominations To The Board of Directors


  • Elefante by Juan Lopez Figueroa
  • Scarecrow by Alex Fehl