24 pages


Models folded by the 1991 Origami By Children participants, part of the Origami by Children Exhibit.


  • News from the Home Office
  • News from Members
  • Regional News
  • Simple Art of Origami
  • International News
  • A Visit with Seiji Nishikawa
  • Book Reviews - Essential Origami by Steve and Megumi Biddle; Action Toys by Makoto Yamaguchi, Origami for Children by Makoto Yamaguchi, Boxes for Four Seasons by Tomoko Fuse, Boxes with Designs by Tomoko Fuse, Origami Poppenhius (Doll House) by Laurent D'Haeseleer, Folding Stories: Storytelling and Origami Together as One by Christine Petrell Kallevig
  • From the Supply Center


  • Polar Bear by M. Kirschenbaum
  • Jet by M. Goody
  • Hummingbird by S. Bedrick
  • Dollar Bill Gull creator unknown, diagrams M. Kennedy