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At 22 years old, Erik Demaine is the youngest recipient of a MacArthur Fellowship, a prestigious grant honoring excellence. This briliant and precocious young man - who earned a Ph.D. by the age of 20, and is one of the youngest faculty members at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology - is an avid paperfolder, proving once again that science and art really DO mix. Get the full story on page 4. Photo by Tom Hull.


  • Paperfolder Receives MacArthur "Genius" Grant
  • Photo Essay - Math and Origami: Perfect Together
  • OrigamiUSA Remembers Yasuhiro Sano and Thoki Yenn


  • From the Home-Office
    • Farewell Steve! Welcome, Joy!
    • Lending Library Reopens
  • Origami News
    • Annual Gift Competition Announced
    • 2004 International Peace Tree
  • The Bulletin Board
    • Book Review compiled by Gay Merrill Gross: Origami Design Secrets by Robert J. Lang, reviewed by Tim Gillam (NY)
  • 2004 Global Events Calendar


  • Toilet Paper Roll Gift Box by Mike Jamieson
  • Star-Triangle-Star by Sy Chen
  • Chess Board (Modular) by Marc Kirschenbaum
  • Bouncy Unit by Thomas Hull
  • Origami Klein Bottle by Robert J. Lang
  • Reindeer by Marc Kirschenbaum