32 pages


  • Diagrams à la Carte by Robert Lang
  • "Origami Engineer" Flexes to Create Stronger, More Agile Materials by Zeeya Merali
  • Origami Inspires Medical Breakthrough by Pek Tiong Boon
  • A Tribute to Ligia Montoya
  • Math is the Path to His Origami Passion, Interview with Herng Yi Cheng by Patsy Wang Iverson
  • My Road to Recovery by Ronald Koh
  • Origami Takes the Cake by Zachary Norfolk
  • Folding with the Danish Origami Society by Joyce Saler
  • Origins of the Danish Origami Society by Hans Dybkjaer
  • Ohio CenterFold Continues to GROW by Dawn Tucker
  • Origami Met in Saint Louis by Dawn Tucker
  • Folding in the Mountains and Valleys of Europe by Laura Rozenberg
  • Unfolding a Dream: Memories of the Japanese and Korean Origami Conventions by Himanshu Agrawal
  • Origami Looks to the Future by Emilie Lorditch
  • A Peek Inside the Inaugural "Origami Canada" by Janessa Munt


  • Letter from the President
  • Holiday Tree 2012: Collections by Márcio Noguchi, photos Andrew Cribb
  • Annual Gift and Holiday Tree Contributors
  • Obituary: Rick Beech by Robin Macey
  • Obituary: Eric Bergmark by Larry Wood
  • News from The Source
  • Global Events Calendar


  • Stent Crease Pattern by Pek Tiong Boon
  • Belen Star by Ligia Montoya (Diagrams by Klaus-Dieter Ennen)
  • Spider on Leaf by Diego Fernando Becerra Ramírez


  • "Dollar Origami" by Won Park, reviewed by Uyen Nguyen
  • "Origami Inspirations" by Meenakshi Mukerji, reviewed by Douglas Caine