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It's a Winter Wonderland. That is the theme for the 2004 origami holiday tree at the American Museum of Natural History. It was designed and decorated by Delrosa Marshall (NY) and Sok Song (NY) using over a thousand models including rookeries of penguins, herds of ibex, pods of orcas, parliaments of owls and over 300 snowflakes. Many OrigamiUSA member folded models for the tree and a full ist of those volunteers will appear in the next issue of the PAPER. Thank you to all who helped create this wonderful origami display. Cover photo by Lynton Gardiner


  • A Tree Keeps Growing by June Sakamoto
  • Photo Essay: Building a Tree by Delrosa Marshall
  • Memorial: Remembering Philip Shen by David Chan & Wendy Zeichner
  • Recollections from My Journey to Japan by Jonathan Baxter


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  • Eagle by Jim Adams
  • Israeli Flag by Jason Ku
  • Fish Lips compiled from various folders
  • Penguin by Wendy Zeichner
  • Snowflake by Joseph Wu
  • Wolf by Nathan Zeichner
  • Sailboat by James Troutman
  • Table Racer by Charles Esseltine
  • Sword by Charles Esseltine
  • Heart or Tulip Bowl by Philip Shen
  • Star by Philip Shen
  • 8-pointed Star by Philip Shen
  • 10-pointed Star by Philip Shen