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Scientific Minds at play. Dr. Karl Schaffer demonstrates the string polyhedra drance at the 3rd International Conference on Origami, Science, Math and Education, held in Pacific Grove California. Photo by Marcia K. Mau


  • Origami in Science, Math, and Education Conference by Debra Nelson-Hogan
  • Folding Proportions V by Robert Lang


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      • Play with Paper, Origami Without Borders by Peter Budai
      • Seres de Ficcion: El Lado Oscuro de la Papiroflexia (Fictional Beings: The Dark Side of Paper Folding) by Mario Adrados Netto and J. Anibal Voyer Inieta
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  • Mortarboard by Florence Temko (California)
  • Seal by Cheng Chit Leong (Singapore)