28 pages


Photo: Peter Engel and his daughter Hannah. Photo by Cheryl Perko.


  • An Interview with Peter Engel by Jan Polish
  • Puppetry with Origami by Michael Dalton
  • Origami by Children 1996 Exhibit
  • Folder's Profile: Maxine N. Taylor, Tyrone Valley Fold, MI
  • Poetry Corner: "Origami" by Todd Barton
  • The Paper Tiger (cartoon) by Grace Wang
  • Postal Paperfolds Exhibition Planned


  • From the Home-Office
    • Organizational Committees
    • A Message from the President by Jean Baden-Gillette
    • Brian Jendryka - New Managing Editor
    • The Index - What Does It Show?
  • In Lillian's Time by Paul Krueger
  • What Pun This Is! by Sarah Belanger and Sue Winn
  • Mountains & Valleys (cartoon) by Jean-Paul Latil
  • News from Members
    • Affiliate Group News - News and updates from: University chapter of OCoP (Origami Club of Pittsburgh, PA); LIFE (Long Island Folding Enthusiasts, NY); WOW (Westchester Origami Workers, NY); CHOAS (Chicago Area Origami Society, IL); FOL-D (Fellowship of Origami Lovers - Denver, CO); F.O.O (Friends of Origami of Oklahoma, OK)
    • Membership News - News and updates from Susan Klein (CT); Mystery Folder (NJ); Golden Venture Display at Frank Miele Gallery (NY).
    • Affiliate Group Listing
  • International Group News
    • BOS Convention September 15-17, 1995
    • Michael Shall at Pere Lachaise
    • International Group Listings
  • The Bulletin Board:
  • Books! Books! Books!
    • For Your Eyes Only - 13 Ways to Fold Notes by Florence Temko, reviewed by Toby Schwartz
    • Pureland 3 by John Smith, reviewed by Maria Velazquez
    • Birds in Origami by John Montroll, reviewed by Bob Voelker
  • Origami Calendar of Events 1995/96
  • The Origami Source


  • Dragon by Jeremy Ellison
  • Letterfold (unknown)
  • Begonia Leaf by Peter Engel