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This wonderful dog on a doghouse was folded and designed by Stephen Weiss (FL). It will appear in OrigamiUSA's 2006 calendar - (see page 31) - what a great sneak peek. Directions for folding it are inside this issue (see page 21). Cover photo by Lynton Gardiner.


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  • Folding Australia by Jonathan Baxter (New Zealand)
  • MEMORIUM: The Work of a Master
    • Remembering Yoshizawa-san by Peter Engel (CA)
    • A Tribute to Akira Yoshizawa by Robert J. Lang (CA)


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  • Giraffe-Crane 2 by Jim Adams (NY)
  • Ship with Bird Head by Pasquale D'Auria (Italy)
  • Honey Badger by Sy Chen (MD)
  • Fire by Milada Blahova (Czech Republic)
  • Dog in a Doghouse by Stephen Weiss (FL)