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All kinds of faces from all sorts of places: Highlights of OrigamiUSA's Convention 2005 in New York City. Cover photos by Susan Dugan.


  • 25 Years Together: A Look Back By Jan Polish (NJ), Guest Editor
  • OrigamiUSA Convention 2005
    • Photo Essay
    • An Interview with Stephen Weiss by Jan Polish (NJ)
    • An Interview with David Mitchell by Wendy Zeichner (NY)
  • OrigamiUSA Presents Awards at Annual Meeting by Rachel Katz (NY)
  • Attack of the Hermit Crabs! by Robert J. Lang (CA)
  • IN MEMORIAM: James Minoru Sakoda by David Lister (England)
    • Honoring James Minoru Sakoda by David Lister (England)
    • A Tribute to Dr. James Sakoda by Florence Temko (CA)


  • From the Home-Office
    • From the Editor
  • From Our Members
    • News from Local Area Groups
    • News from International Groups
    • How We Built Menger's Sponge by Jeannine Mosely (MA)
    • My Journey Into Origami by Kathleen Hong Casimir (ON)
    • Tips & Techniques
  • The Bulletin Board
    • 2005 Global Events Calendar
    • Origami By Children 2006 Announcement
    • Membership Information & Web address
    • Origami Source
    • Local-Area Group & International Listings/News Contacts


  • NEW! Crease Pattern Corner by Robert J. Lang (CA) & Jason Ku (MA), editors
  • Leaf Insect by Dan Robinson (PA)
  • 25th Silver Anniversary by Wensdy Whitehead (MA)
  • May Basket by James Sakoda
  • David's Star by David Mitchell (UK)
  • Simple Ladybug by Marc Kirschenbaum (NY)
  • Menger's Sponge by Jeannine Mosely (MA)