24 pages


There's No Place Like (the) Home Office, with Outside Photo of Home Office Window


  • Diagramming Technique & Symbol Language: I. An Introduction by David Shall
  • Edgewise by Kathleen O'Regan
  • Book Reviews: Four New Books by Tomoko Fuse by Mark Kennedy
    • Book I, Joyful Boxmaking
    • Book II, Units a la Carte
    • Book III, Growing Units
    • Book IV, Changeable Units
  • What's New In The Supply Center


  • More News From The Home Office
    • Membership Policies Reviewed
    • Special Sessions
    • Thank You Sarah, Thank You! (An appreciation of Sarah Goodall)
  • News From Members
    • Origami On The Hudson
    • Lunchbox Origami
    • Floating Eaglefeather
    • A Breath of Fresh Air In the Windy City (Hisa Amimoto)
    • One Folder A Day (Annelore Jekel)
    • Deep in the Origami Heart of Texas (Patric Sheffield)
    • A Personal Tale From the Friends' 1987 Convention by Gay Merrill Gross
    • Big Folding in Vermont (Paul Rohrlich)
    • Reading Rainbow (Diane Browne and Andrew Zwick)
    • Forigami by Norma Coblenz (Glossary of origami non-words)
    • Origami at Cranbrook (Don Daller)
    • (7 more brief items)
  • News From Local & Regional Origami Societies
    • Reports from Paperfolders in New England; Orange County Folders: Capital Origami; Mini-Convention in Greenfield, MA; West Coast Origami Guild; CHAOS; Deep South Folding; New Jersey Mini-Convention; Long Island Folders; Monmouth County and AASO.
  • International News
    • Yoshizawa, International Origami Ambassador
    • The Origami Collection (Holland)
    • A [sic] Origami Tour of Japan by Lore Schirokauer
  • Exhibitions
    • Origami by Children 1987
    • The Peace Tree
    • The Exhibition In The Window
    • Origami Holiday Tree


  • Twenty-One Basic Symbols by David Shall
  • Rooster by John Montroll
  • Dollar Bill Dwarf by Elaine Yatsko, diagrammed by Mark Kennedy and illustrated by deg farrelly
  • Earring by Sarah Goodall, with Notes and additional illustration by Alice Gray