Issue 114 (Fall 2013)

FEATURES The Tessellations by Frank van Kollem by Henk Porck Reflections on Frank van Kollem's work by Paula Versnick Un-Creased: A Farewell by Jennifer Hou He Makes Clock Watchers Out of All of Us interview by Laura Rozenberg, photos by Barlaham Benitez Vargas Zaragoza Convention by Ilan Garibi New Location for the Spanish Museum of Paperfolding by Jorge Pardo Paper Beats Iron Bars by D'ario Pedurzzi How to Make a Big Splash with a Festival Origami Tent by John Scully 1953—A Year of Wonders by Laura Rozenberg 1853-1953 One Hundred Years of Relationship between Japan and the Western World by Laura Rozenberg Special Guest at 2013 OrigamiUSA Annual Convention: Ralf Konrad FROM THE HOME-OFFICE Letter from the President 2013 OrigamiUSA Annual Convention photos by Andrew Cribb Origami by Children Oversize Competition Cranes in a Jar Ranana Benjamin and Florence Temko 2013 Awards by Rachel Katz News from the Source Global Events Calendar DIAGRAMS Crease Pattern Tessellation by Frank van Kollem (diagrams by Paula Versnick and Eric Gjerde) Tato-Flower Loes Schakel (Diagrams by Kees Schakel) Nonagenarian 2013 OrigamiUSA Convention Crown by Laura Kruskal (Diagrams by Márcio Noguchi) BOOK REVIEWS "Origami for All" by Ioana Stoian, reviewed by Sara Adams

Issue 113 (Spring 2013)

32 pages


  • The Museum of Paperfolding in Zaragoza, Spain by José Felipe Moreno Salinas
  • Build It, and They Will Come by Emilie Lorditch
  • Japan Greets Spain by Jorge Pardo
  • Looking for Cinderella by Himanshu Agrawal
  • Tel Aviv Teachers Study Origami and Math by Paul Jackson
  • Teaching Origami to Enhance Self-Esteem by Jan Polish
  • One Giant Hop for Mankind by David Shall
  • Sherlock Holmes and the Six Intersecting Pentagrams by J.C. Nolan


  • Letter from the President
  • Origami and Beyond by Lanny Sherwin
  • Obituary: David Lister by Robin Macey
  • News from The Source
  • Global Events Calendar


  • Inspired by K. Dianne Stephens
  • Butterfly Card by Sy Chen
  • Pajarita Card by Sy Chen
  • Six Intersecting Pentagrams by Francesco Mancini et al. (Diagrams by J.C. Nolan)


  • "Creating Origami" by J.C. Nolan, reviewed by Boaz Shuval