28 pages


Group Photos of 1991 and 1982 Conventions


  • Origami Basics and Convention '91 by Paul Krueger
  • Convention '91 Scrapbook (gallery of Convention photos)
  • Edgewise by Kathleen O'Regan
  • Bent Out of Shape by Joanne Ortman, reprinted from Manifold
  • Software Review by Robert Lang and V'Ann Cornelius with illustrations by John Montroll (drawing software for MACs and PCs)
  • Mountains and Valleys by Jean-Paul Latil
  • The Perfect Square by Marc Kirschenbaum


  • News from the Home Office
    • A Letter from our President; Committees; Yoshizawa Seminar Update; Annual Meeting; Annual Financial Report for Period Ending 12/31/90; Origami by Children
  • International News
    • Origami Runs Amok in Holland by Thomas Hull
    • More news from Belgium/Netherlands; Great Britain (announcement of 1st International Conference on Origami in Therapy and Education); Israel (formation of Israel Origami Society)
  • News from Members
    • Edward H. ("Ned") Carr writes about being a totally blind paperfolder
    • News from or about: Kathleen Hong; George Kirkpatrick; Ken Waisanen; Dallas Paper Magic Holiday Tree; Tom Vinik folding sets of 1,000 cranes; Lynn Kalber's report of seeing a flapping crane in a 1909 film
  • Regional News
    • List of Regional Groups and Meetings
    • Reports from: Fairfield County Folding Club (CT); Paperfolders in New England (MA); Circle of Origami Paperfolders (NJ); Long Island Folding Enthusiasts (NY); Origami Club of Pittsburgh (PA); Capital Folders (D.C.); and Niagara Origami Society (Ontario)
  • From the Supply Center


  • Grass by John Montroll
  • Peace Dove, creator unknown, collected by Alice Gray, diagrams by Mark Kennedy
  • Rocket Ship by Robert Neale, diagrams by Mark Kennedy
  • Kissing Lips by Makoto Yamaguchi, diagrams by Mark Kennedy
  • In The Doghouse by Stephen Weiss (the 2-D version), diagrams by Dave Venables, revised by Stephen Weiss
  • 16 Point Modular Star, creator unknown, collected by Navarro Stark, diagrams by Mark Kennedy