12 pages


Photo of David Shall's Statue of Liberty model on the 1985 Japan Air Lines tree


  • What's Up MAC? (A James Sakoda update on using a Macintosh and MacDraw for diagramming, with photo)
  • Origami, The International Language by Sam Batt (teaching origami in Israel)
  • The Museum's 1985 Holiday Tree (with photo)
  • Convention '86 Announcements and Registration Form
  • Robert Lang Exhibit, And The West Coast Origami Guild
  • A Friend In Deed(s): Kyoko Kondo
  • Letter From Akira Yoshizawa
  • In New England, It's "Pay-pa:" Acivities of Friends Of Origami In New England
  • Time For 1,000 Cranes (Member Tina Koyama folds 1,000 cranes using Time Magazine covers)
  • Mingei Museum Paper Exhibit To Tour
  • Innocent By Association (Florida State Senator Kirkpatrick folds paper while campaigning)


  • Adolfo's Inside-Out Flower by Adolfo Cerceda, diagrams by Liz Schneider (first appearance of a complete model diagram in the Newsletter)