32 pages


  • Lucky Star Box (variant “B”), by Michał Kosmulski
  • Paper Treasures from a Treasured Friend, by Gay Merrill Gross
  • Unwrapping the Riddle of Yoshizawa-Legman by Laura Rozenberg
  • Do You Deserve a “Joisel”?, by Ilan Garibi
  • Two Hundred Inca Masks from Around the World, by David Medina
  • A Deep Dive into the Fold, by Cliff Landesman

From the Home-Office

  • Letter from the President
  • World Origami Days – 19 Days of Fun!
  • Our Gem of the Museum
  • Volunteers for the 2021 Holiday Tree
  • Back to the Stars! Annual Gift Folders
  • News from The Source


  • Mark's Gem, by Haggit Shalev
  • Traditional Santa Claus, by Paul Jackson
  • Bracelet, by Yossi Nir