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OrigamiUSA's Publications Committee pictured in the home office of OrigamiUSA. From left to right: Nathan Zeichner (NY), Ken Shih (NY), Daniel Scher (NY), Michele Chang (NY), and Marc Kirschenbaum (NY). The Publications team are the volunteers who work to create OrigamiUSA's annual publication, The Origami Collection, as well as choosing diagrams for the PAPER. They have also produced several other OrigamiUSA publications over the years. They meet every Wednesday to test and edit diagrams, as well as lan their next publication. Cover photo by Jan Polish (NJ).


  • On Volunteering by Jean Baden-Gillette (NY), Guest Editor
  • Volunteer Folders for OrigamiUSA Holiday Tree & Annual Gift
  • A Masterpiece of Many Hands by Tony Cheng (NY)
  • So How Did You Start Volunteering? by Jan Baden-Gillette (NY)
  • Teaching "First Steps" is a First Step by Wendy Zeichner (NY)


  • The Bulletin Board
    • 2005 Global Events Calendar
    • Origami Source
    • Book Review: Gorros de Papel (Paper Hats) by Joan Sallas
  • From the Home-Office
    • OrigamiUSA Committee Listing
    • From the Managing Editor
  • From Our Members
    • Origami Peace Tree Update
    • Tips & Techniques
    • Form Information - Web address
    • Origami Sightings
    • Local Area (and Canadian) Groups
    • International Groups


  • Eric's Lotus by Eric Bergmark
  • Angel Fish by Stephan Ansons
  • Pocket Heart by Mark Kennedy
  • Yapping Crow traditional
  • Envelope traditional
  • Pencil traditional
  • 16-Point Modular traditional
  • Scrunch Tree traditional