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Issue 75 (Vol. 3)

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24 pages


Anne LaVin (MA) sports one of Vincent Floderer's (France) creations. Sea sponge, or French Bonnet? You decide. Managing Editor, Debra Nelson-Hogan caught up with Floderer and his unique art forms at Convention 2001. Learn more in her exclusive interview. (See feature on page 10.) Photo by Susan Dugan (SC).


  • My First Convention by Dee Lynch
  • Convention Highlights
  • Convention Gallery
  • Vincent Floderer Champions the Champignon by Debra Nelson-Hogan


  • From the Home-Office
  • From Our Members
    • News, Thanks and Memorials
    • Tips & Techniques by Gay Merrill Gross
    • 2001/2002 Global Events Calendar
    • Bios of New Board Members
    • International News
    • Crossword Puzzle Solution
  • Regional Groups Listing
  • International Groups Listing
  • The Bulletin Board
    • Book Review
      • The Guide to Hawaiian Style Origami by Judi Fukimoto
    • OrigamiUSA Committee Listing
    • The Origami Source
  • 2001 Election Results by Jean Baden-Gillette


  • Swan by Klaus-Dieter Ennen (Germany)
  • Dancing Penguin by Michele Chang (NY)
  • Emergency Key by Ted Darwin (England)
  • Papercutter by Jeremy Shafer (California)