20 pages


Convention Fever Abates; Attendees Survive with Photo of Lillian Oppenheimer and Alice Gray


  • Convention Report
  • The Friends' Annual Meeting
  • Convention Diagrams: Why Aren't There More?
  • Edgewise by Kathleen O'Regan
  • Why Origami? (Bonnie Scheuchenzuber article about origami in the classroom)
  • What's New In The Supply Center
  • Group Photo: Convention '87


  • News From Members
    • Origami, The Stress Solution (Jandy Warner)
    • Watch The Origami Birdie by Anna Lee Culp
    • Star Folds: An Origami Parody by Steve Vinik
    • Origami Goes Elderhosteling
    • Do It Wet (wetfolding with Rosalind Joyce)
    • "Reading Rainbow" (LeVar Burton with Diane Brown and Andrew Zwick )
    • From The Other Side Of The Fence by Nell Miller (story about origami by an Oklahoma prison inmate)
  • News from Local & Regional Folding Societies
    • Kids For Peace: Morrestown, NJ
    • CHAOS in Chicago
    • Attention Long Island Folders
    • Orange County (NY) Origami Club
    • Friends of Origami In New England
    • Three Origami Workshops in San Diego
  • Exhibitions
    • A New England Paper Airplane Contest
    • Origami By Children 1987 (Announcement and Travel Schedule)
  • International News
    • Obituary: Eric Kenneway
    • 20th Anniversary British Origami Society Convention April 1987
    • The French Association of Paper Foldings" Flying Origami Contest Held
    • Hungary for Origami (Susanna Kricskovics)


  • Eagle by Guiseppe Baggi, diagrams by Stephen Weiss with tracings by K. O'Regan
  • Double Scallop Shell by Craig MacDonald
  • Dime-In-Ring: A Moneyfold by Kenneth M Kawamura, tracings by K. O'Regan
  • Eight-Pointed Star Basket, Based on a Traditional Chinese Design by Florence Temko
  • Gull On A Rock by Aaron Einbond, Age 8, diagrams by Sarah Goodall