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  • So You Want to Make a Book? by V'Ann Cornelius and Michael Dalton
  • Dedications to Michael Shall
    • For A Blessing from Ruthanne Bessman
    • On Roller Skates with A Baby Grand from Gay Merrill Gross
    • An Outrageous New Yorker from Jean Baden-Gillette
    • Rooney and Garland from Martha Landy
    • The "Real" Michael Shall from Jan Polish
    • "I Won't Grow Up" from Remak Ramsay
    • Call Me Gladys from Kathleen O'Regan
    • Recollection from George Levenson, PhD
    • The Politics of Money from Frieda and Jack Kisberg
    • At the Library from Angeline Mouscat
    • Recollection from Despina Croussouloudis
    • My Next Volunteer from Michael Steckler
    • Solid as a Rock from Anna Lee Culp
    • Recollection from Dan Porter
    • Recollection from Ruth R. Davis
    • OCEAN Folders donate OrigamiUSA membership in Michael's name
    • Michael Stories from Liz Schaible
    • Michael's Children from Marc Kirschenbaum
    • Mr. Origami from Sue Neff
    • Michael's Magic from Susan Goff
    • Germany from Paulo Mulatinho
    • England from Iris Walker
    • Spain from Vicente Palacios
    • England from Nick Robinson
    • Holland from Marieke de Hoop
    • Japan from Tomoko Fuse
  • Folder's Profile: Paul Weinberg
  • Origami Math, Part 3 by Tom Hull
  • Still More Punny Origami by Carol Tams
  • The Michael Shall Fund


  • From the Home-Office
    • Message from the President by Jean Baden-Gillette
    • The Origami Model Index the User's View - Survey Results
    • Get a Jump on the Annual Collection
    • In Lillian's Time
    • Drabble (cartoon)
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  • News From the Affiliates
    • News or updates from: Atlanta Regional Folders (GA); Westchester Origami Workers (NY); Burlington Origami Group (VT); Greater Philadelphia Paperfolders (PA); Olympia member looking for fellow folders (WA); Long Island Folding Enthusiasts (NY); Origami Minnesota (MN); Capital Folders (Washington, D.C.); University Chapter of Origami Club of Pittsburgh (PA); Fellowship of Origami Lovers - Denver (CO); Origami Mailing List.
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  • International Group News
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    • International News from Israel
  • Origami Calendar of Events
  • Books! Books! Books!
    • Step-by-Step Origami by Paul Jackson, reviewed by Gay Merrill Gross
  • New from The Origami Source


  • Shining Alice by Michael Shall
  • Two Frogs on a Seesaw by Herman Shall
  • Strawberry by Rae Cooker