32 pages


  • Teaching Math is a Snap, by Faye Goldman
  • Tips for Choosing your Next Origami
  • Convention in Japan, by Marcio Noguchi
  • On the Way to the 2018 Kansai Convention, by Wendy Zeichner
  • It's All About the Crease Patterns, by Maxwell Jones
  • Inkscape 101, by Eric Vigier
  • Riccardo Foschi's Definition of Origami
  • Investing in Young Folders, by Char Morrow
  • Mathematical Methods for Geometric Origami, interview by Laura Rozenberg

From the HOME–office

  • Letter from the President
  • 2018 OrigamiUSA Annual Convention: What a fold-tastic time!
  • Origami by Children
  • Special Guests: Viviane Berty & Akiko Yamanashi
  • Oversize Folding Night
  • 2018 Florence Temko Innovation Award to Robert Lang / 2018 OrigamiUSA Teaching Award to Mae Dean Erb / 2018 Michael Shall Volunteer Recognition Award to Mark Kennedy
  • Obituary: Francis Ow, by Ron Koh
  • News from The Source
  • Calendar / Origami Connect


  • Hexogonal Envelope, by Akiko Yamanashi
  • Arbre du Canal du Midi, by Viviane Berty
  • Butterfly-Shape Coin Bag, by Akiko Yamanashi

Book Reviews

  • Twists, Tilings, and Tessellations: Mathematical Methods for Geometric Origami by Robert J. Lang. Review by Tom Hull