12 pages


Jean Baden-Gillette and Martha Landy model Convention 85 t-shirts


  • Mrs. John S. Creal, St. Joseph, Missouri story and photo
  • Obituary: Bernard I. Levy, Washington, D.C.
  • Parlous Vous Origami by Anna Lee Culp
  • Notes On Folding Miniature Origami by deg farrelly
  • Ploughshares Organizes Thousand Cranes Folding Project
  • Lillian Oppenheimer's Involvement in the Founding of British Origami Society
  • News From the Harrisburg Folding Club by David Shall
  • Convention '85 Report, with photos
  • Origami And Increased Self Esteem by Lee Alvord
  • Origami In Mexico
  • Michael Shall Teaches Employees At International Paper Company
  • Board of Directors Unanimously Awards Six Honorary Memberships (Alfred Bestall, Neal Elias, Natalie Epstein, Mick Guy, Toshie Takahama and Akira Yoshizawa)
  • Convention '85 Volunteers Listed
  • several other items